The Practice
Dr. Richard W. Cohen is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine and 
was Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Albert Einstein Medical Center.  He is currently 
a member of the American Medical Association and is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology.   

Dr. Cohen taught at Thomas Jefferson Medical College for a number of years where he was Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, Otolaryngology, and in Famly Medicine.  Through a Federal Grant, Dr. Cohen edited a text book on alcohol and its effects on all of the medical systems of th body, and related alcohol use to all of the subjects in the medical school curriculum.  Dr. Cohen also worked with and co-authored an article with  Dr. Joseph Wolpe, a famous behavioral psychiatrist about agoraphobia and panic disorders.  

Dr. Cohen has more than thirty years of clinical experience.  He works with patients from adolescence onward in individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, couples therapy, and family therapy. 

Dr. Cohen treats a wide range of conditions including:
• Depression and suicidal feelings
• Anxiety disorders – obsessive-compulsive disorders, body dysmorphic issues,         panic disorders, and agoraphobia
• Drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions 
• Self-esteem and self-image problems
• Personality and eating disorders
• Marital and relationship conflicts
• Psychotic disorders such as bipolar illness and schizophrenia
• Mental toughness, visualization, strategy mechanics, and anger management for
  both professional and amateur athletes

Dr. Cohen has appeared in municipal and federal court rooms as an expert witness. He has been the guest on various television shows such as "Good Morning Philadelphia," The Maury Povach Show, The Richard Bey Show, and was 
interviewed by Edie Huggins discussing topics such as panic disorders, alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling and sexual addictions, depression, and agoraphobia.

Dr. Cohen has telemedicine office hours. His office will be happy to verify your health  insurance coverage. His practice belongs to many managed care and preferred provider health plans. Please check with the billing department if you have questions and to determine your financial responsibilty.

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